Yoga Live is a contemporary yoga studio offering professionalinstruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.

Yoga Live

A place to nurture minds, bodies & spirits.

We focus on keeping class sizes small (under 20 students) to properly coach and instruct students on an individual level. This personal service has become our hallmark and in-turn our classes are often booked well in advance. Our instructors come from a range of backgrounds and disciplines, making Somnus a diverse collective of expertise.

Explore where Yoga all began and originated from and join in on our India Yoga holiday which will offer a range of activities for you to do.

Yoga has been around for more than 5000 years so there is a lot of history and stories to unfold when it comes to Yoga and where it all began.

This holiday will involve Yoga practacises , a history about yoga and sight seeing.

You will also have the option to roam freely and discover things for yourself at your own pace as everyone has a different yoga story.

The holiday can be broken down into two parts :

1 week holiday which will include an everyday yoga practise as you will have an option to do lots of yoga then in the evenings do your own exploration of the city.

2 week holiday will include an intense yoga all day for 7 days wither the next 7 days at your own leisure to do and go as you please.

You will get to experience how taste of a yogic ashram life and how it is practised properly and how it can be incorporated into your lifestyle .

You will see how others life on a different environment with one thing connecting us all which is yoga.

This holiday is available to search those senses of curiosity which no text book or collage can teach you. You are your own teacher in a city of where it all began.

We hope you come and join us for this amazing experience in deepening your understanding and teaching of yoga.