Somnus is a contemporary yoga & pilates studio offering professionalinstruction to those seeking balance of mind and body.

Enlighten your spirit and feed your curious body , mind , soul and free spirit.

Nourish all senses with a workshop which will help assist you in guidance with finding your center and find some sense of peace after a long stressful week. During a busy week we get so caught up with daily stresses in our mind, environment and workplace which weighs heavy on our senses and body.

This will create a comfortable space where you can move at freely and getting rid of any negative energy you have been struggling to fight off.

Restoring energy in yourself and feeling more at ease and positive.

Your Yoga experience is never ending that’s why it is called a practice . Every time we step on our yoga mats we are developing a variety of strength, the ability to flow and grow with an open heart.

The benefits of Yoga are in a constant state of motion and has no ending .

The workshop is broken down as follows

* Yoga prayer as an introduction

* 1.5 hour yoga practice

* Asanas ( postures )

* Pranyama ( breathing)

* Exercise


* Explanation in detail of the practice where we can converse and ask questions about the workshop or any concerns you may have with your practice.

* We will explain and go into detail and show how postures are illustrated within the practice. We will focus on 9 postures.

* Breathing demonstrations will be shown and how to apply them in your practice and in everyday life.

We will start off with two.

There will be a detailed booklet which you may take home and refers back to your practice and explains everything that was done in the workshop .

This is to keep your practice alive in your own time when you are unable to attend a class and to expand your knowledge as much as you would like to into the Yoga world.

There will be variety of different workshops throughout the year.

We are here to expand your knowledge and be involved in a stress free environment.

Look forward to seeing you there.

  • Monday
    9:00amBeginners AnasuraKatherinView Details
  • Saturday
    4:30pmAdvanced Pilates 2KatherinView Details
    11:00amAdvanced HathaKatherinView Details
  • Tuesday
    6:30pmYoga For BeginnerMaxView Details
  • Wednesday
    6:30pmYoga For BeginnerMaxView Details