Yoga and ayurveda also encompass an understanding of how the body works  and the effect that food and medicines have on the body.

Yoga and Ayurveda are both complimentary sectors within the tree of Vedic knowledge that guides all human life as well as the universe.

Ayurveda can be known as a gift from the gods to improve oneself.

Ayurveda means knowledge of life and is derived from ancient art and science of keeping the mind, body and soul balanced with a healthy self aware lifestyle that will eventually take place daily in our state of consciousness. Ayudeveda is a way of life and the way we chose to live it . Being aware of the food we put in our bodies and which form of liquid to quench our thirst with can all be practiced in an Ayurvedic approach. Ayurveda is practiced with lots of gathered information and understanding with an open mind as well as self discipline. Yoga with Ayurveda are both complimentary to one another and work hand in hand when practiced together. Both are holistic and carry their own individual purpose which connects one to the other. Practicing both are more effective in any practice.

Ayurveda and yoga will be discussed in more detail during your classes, retreats and holidays .

With all our information from someone who practices these disciplines everyday we will get a better understanding of how things work and connect with ones other. Ayurveda is not just a practice but a way of glide in which one understands becoming healthy and balanced.We look forward to you exploring this journey of the awakened senses and everyday life choices in which your life can become more enriched with just a change of thought.

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