Paranayama is derived from Sanskrit and broken down pranayama – means the life force and ayama which means to restrain or to control. This is the regulation of breathing with a variety of techniques.

Researchers have found pranayama techniques beneficial in treating a range of stress related factors.

Pranayama is the forth limb of the eight limbs that you will learn about in Ashtanga yoga.

Dharana also goes hand in hand with pranayama as this is the sixth limb of yoga described by panjali in the yoga sutras. Dharana will enhance your your yoga practice by improving the ability to remain focused. When a person is fully present and focused pranayama is practiced through a form of dharana.

There are many variations of pranayama which are very effective with the Yoga approach and in everyday life. Pranayama can be used even when yoga is not being practiced.

Deepening your practice during yoga combined with Pranayama is very beneficial and a result in a more relaxed approach will follow daily .

During this explanation and demonstration of pranayama , all the different effects and benefits will be explained in more detail . A stress free environment along with breathing variations may change your daily intake of life’s stresses away but by bit until you are mindful of what is happening around you and can prevent things from happening.

Pranayama can also become a way of life and practiced everyday if used correctly which we will follow through with you.

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